Fast growing tech innovator positions to drive the digital transformation revolution in 2018


Digital transformation and product innovation are driving the global tech economy to levels of great success. Mitra Innovation – headquartered in the UK with offices in Sri Lanka and Australia – is fortunate to be at the forefront of this journey by innovating new ideas for enterprises and entrepreneurs.

During the last year, Mitra Innovation achieved over 250% increase in annualised revenue by providing clients with digital transformation and product innovation services. This is a positive trend which has remained unbroken in the last six years of operation.

In 2017 alone, a fifth global office was opened in the United Kingdom, and the company hired more than 100 additional qualified personnel globally to service enterprise clients in the UK, Europe and Australia. In 2018 Mitra Innovation will continue to identify and recruit the smartest engineers to power further growth.

Commenting on growth plans for 2018, Managing Director of Mitra Innovation – Dammika Ganegama – said “We are experiencing a highly upward growth trend because large enterprises in developed countries are embracing cloud computing practices to stay ahead of competitors. Our engineers at Mitra Innovation are certified in cloud computing technologies and we are also partners of world class technology providers, including AWS and WSO2. In 2018 we are looking to increase our engineering strength by recruiting the smartest graduates and providing them with inspiring workplaces to develop solutions for our customers.”

In 2017 Mitra Innovation won the WSO2 Ballerina Hackathon against stiff competition and was also awarded the ISO 9001 Quality Management Certificate from the British Standards Institution. ISO 9001 certification ensures the right processes are in place to deliver excellence in quality and also brings predictability to the work undertaken.

Derek Bell, COO of Mitra Innovation added: “This year we also successfully set up operations in Australia to strengthen services for our existing customers and acquire new clientele in the Asia Pacific region. 2018 will be a year of strong focus in the UK, European and Asia Pacific regions. Mitra Innovation will be concentrating heavily on middleware and cloud to cloud integration for enterprises and entrepreneurs.”

Dammika continues: “We have been very successful in providing service desk facilities for our clients and this will continue to be a major focus in 2018 too. We have identified support services as an area of business opportunity and we have certified professionals to assist our customers through levels one, two and three of technical support.”

Ashok Suppiah, CEO of Mitra Innovation, states “Mitra Innovation started off six years ago as a place where entrepreneurs could consult with technology startup experts to identify and execute optimal strategies for launching and growing digital products. We provided a complete ‘idea to market to success’ disruptive digital revolution”.

Ashok further states: “We take pride in our achievements and look forward to collaborating with more partners and enterprises. We have built an organisation with strong principles and values: trust and innovation. Today, we are becoming an expert in cloud technologies, integration and modern-ways of delivering high quality Agile projects.”

In 2018, Mitra Innovation will invest in sales, marketing and cloud expertise to expand our services to Europe, Africa and APAC regions. Aside from acquiring new customers, Mitra Innovation will also invest in training and development programs to groom the next level of leadership and provide further opportunities for its engineers to become experts in the widest range of technologies.

Mitra Innovation maintains a Google-like friendly work culture to help foster trust, friendship and excellent quality of work. Some of the facilities on offer for engineers are open engineering floors, enclosed brainstorming spaces, de-stressing rooms and a mini auditorium for training and development.

Dammika said: “We want our people to feel they belong here and they are part of our mission. We want to provide the best facilities for our engineers so that they enjoy working with us.”

Mitra Innovation will continue to be at the forefront of digital transformation and product innovation services, and will start recruitment during the early stages of 2018, in a drive to acquire and develop the brightest and most enthusiastic minds to help clients with best-in-class solutions.

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Abdullah Muhsin | Specialist – Digital Marketing and Content Writing
Mitra Innovation