Mitra Innovation and WSO2: a journey to remember

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Some journeys you take, you remember. They make you successful and bring out the best in you. 2017 took Mitra Innovation on a remarkable journey where we grew our partnership with WSO2 and delivered successful digital transformation projects for our clients. It was a journey that resulted in a sense of achievement for everyone at Mitra Innovation, as well as three times the amount of business growth for our company compared to 2016.

Mitra Innovation and WSO2: Our Journey So Far

Mitra Innovation started working with WSO2 in 2015 to build a product called Building Information Management as a Service (BIMaaS). We learned a great deal about WSO2 during the build, whilst also embarking on a journey to become fully qualified WSO2 certified professionals, progressing through the various stages of WSO2’s partnership program.

We also built highly focused training programs for our teams, for each of the key WSO2 products, using training materials provided by WSO2. Every Mitra Innovation engineer who joins our company now undertakes this training.

With an army of over 80 engineers practised and certified in the mastery of WSO2 – and experience using WSO2 on several large projects – 2017 was undoubtedly a pinnacle of our growth.

Find out more about the growth in our relationship with WSO2 here: How our partnership with WSO2 worked well for Mitra Innovation.

Mitra Innovation, Our Clients and WSO2

At Mitra Innovation, we recommend WSO2 middleware largely because of the 100% open source nature of its technology, and because it spans the entire length and breadth of Service Oriented Architecture (SOA).

Large scale enterprises such as Travis Perkins, Jaguar Land Rover and Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs (HMRC) are enjoying the benefits of implementing WSO2 for systems integration. We also see numerous enterprises in the public and private sectors in many regions adopting WSO2 in their digital transformation journey. In 2017, Mitra Innovation, alongside WSO2, helped many clients strengthen their digital landscapes.

Travis Perkins, Mitra Innovation and WSO2

In 2016, Travis Perkins – a billion pound building supplies and DIY giant in the United Kingdom – embarked on a five year digital transformation program across its organisation. The program is spread out across more than 20 of its subsidiary companies. Once complete, the transformation journey will integrate all the necessary business systems across the companies and move Travis Perkins from relying on aging legacy systems to a modern, connected, cloud based Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) System.

After the mandatory processes of thorough analysis and due diligence, Travis Perkins selected WSO2 as the middleware platform with the capabilities required for a successful organisation-wide digital transformation programme. Mitra Innovation – working with counterpart teams and independent service providers – was chosen to design, implement and deploy the platform.

Today, a large team of over 45 Mitra Innovation engineers provide Travis Perkins with services around integration analysis, development and DevOps. A team at WSO2 also works hand in hand with Mitra Innovation to ensure Travis Perkins gets the best solution possible.

Travis Perkins is one of our WSO2 success stories in 2017. Read our full case study about Mitra Innovation, WSO2 and Travis Perkins here.

Mitra Innovation, WSO2, and Ballerina – The Journey Ahead

In 2017 WSO2 revealed their upcoming networking programming language known as ‘Ballerina’. It is the only programming language of its kind, and it will be a game changer in the cloud integration arena. Mitra Innovation engineers were keen to practice Ballerina in its early stages, and test its capabilities.

During the year, WSO2 hosted a hackathon for Ballerina and we decided to field two teams from Mitra Innovation. Both teams emerged on top, ranking in the top three positions thus proving our teams expertise and further strengthening our confidence. We consider this a great milestone for Mitra Innovation in the practice of Ballerina.

WSO2 said the aim of the Hackathon was “for a few passionate programmers to take Ballerina for a twirl, push it to its limits and give … valuable feedback.” Feedback could encompass identifying bugs and providing suggestions for improvements.

To take part in the Hackathon, participants had to apply and submit a real-life proposal for a problem that needed to be fixed, using a solution involving Ballerina. WSO2 selected 25 teams from many entrants. Two of the successful teams chosen were from Mitra Innovation, who also ended up being two out of the three teams who won.

We’re looking forward to using Ballerina in the coming months as we continue on our WSO2 journey.

An Integrated Digital Journey from 2018 Onwards

From 2018 onwards, businesses will undergo tremendous transformations digitally, and integration will play a vital role. As Tyler Jewel, CEO of WSO2, stated in his blog:

One out of four global corporates are now embracing digital transformation programmes, and together with WSO2, we look forward to assisting more enterprises towards these digital journeys in 2018.

“Integration is now central to digitisation. Every program is an integration and every developer an integration specialist. This compounds the challenges to creating and governing integration endpoints that is the emphasis of our business.”

Thank you for reading our latest Mitra Innovation blog post. We hope you found the lessons that we learned from our own experiences interesting, and you will continue to visit us for more articles in the field of computer sciences. To read more about our work please feel free to visit our blog.

Sudaraka Jayashanka

Sudaraka Jayashanka| Chief Technology Officer
Mitra Innovation

Ashok Suppiah

Ashok Suppiah| Chief Executive Officer
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