Eagles Boys is an Australian fast food chain specialising in pizza. They are the second largest pizza chain in Australia with over 270 stores. They have also recently expanded in India. Eagle Boys partnered with Mitra in late 2014 as they wished to outsource all aspects of their IT. Today, Mitra runs Eagle Boys’ entire production platform, which has been enhanced with new features, and also offers 24×7 support to their 270+ stores. Mitra runs Agile processes to implement new capabilities into the platform every four weeks.

Replacing native mobile apps with a new webapp was a major recent success, which saw orders grow from 40% to 55%.

” The Team at Mitra should be congratulated for being adaptive and intuitive to our requirements, whilst providing a high level of responsiveness and support to our requests and ever changing requirements. Over the period we have worked together the team have become a valuable part of business “

Daniel Austin – Business Development Manager, Eagle Boys

Mitra Innovation implements unique Virtual DriveThru technology for Eagle Boys, Australia in just seven days

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